How to Choose Recognized and Permitted seats in MCC Counseling?


Author: Anubhav Garg

Question: Is there any option to choose between Recognized and Permitted seats while filling choice in MCC counseling.


Answer: MCC does not differentiate between Recognized/ Permitted Seats and the allotment is made only on MCI APPROVED Seats. As decided in the MCC committee by the competent authority, MCC/DGHS is receiving consolidated Approved seats (Recognized + Permitted) from the participating colleges and allotment will be made on the combined approved seats. Since the MCC is not aware of the number of Recognized/ Permitted seats for each college and allotment is made purely based on merit & choice of the candidate, it is at the discretion of the College/Institute to provide Recognized/ Permitted Seats to the allotted candidate as per their policy/rules and regulations. However, as a general rule, the candidate with a higher merit/ NEET rank may be preferred for the recognized seat followed by next candidate for the permitted seat. The allotment made through the online allotment process will be firm and final as per Hon'ble Supreme Court’s directions.

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