FAQs related to MCC Choice Filling, Allotment & Upgradation


Author: Anubhav Garg

Q. No. 1: Is there any restriction for filling up number of choices of Institutions (Colleges) or subjects in choice filling form?

Ans: No, you can give as many choices as you wish. However, choices should be in order of preference, as the allotment is done on the basis of choices submitted by the qualified candidate in order of preference given by the candidate and as per availability.


Q. No. 2: Is it necessary to fill up the choices and lock the choices to get seat allotted? Or I will be allotted seat automatically from available seats?

Ans: After online registration (registration is compulsory to take part in online allotment process), you have to fill in choice of subjects and Institutions/colleges in order of preference. Once choices are filled in, it can be modified before locking it. During the choice locking period it is necessary to lock the choices to get a print of your submitted choices. If candidate does not lock the choice submitted by him/her, they will be automatically locked on notified date at notified time, however you will be allowed to take a print of your choices after locking, but you will not be permitted to modify your choices after locking.

IMPORTANT: Don’t wait till the last minute to lock your choices and to take a printout. Please go through your submitted choices before locking as once you lock the choices the same cannot be changed or even modified if you have made a mistake. Mistakes in filling choices may result in the allotment of a seat that you never wanted. Also, it won’t be possible to unlock your choices at MCC’s end.


Q. No. 3: Is it necessary to join the allotted Medical / Dental College in Round-1 to get a chance to participate in the next round (2nd Round)?

Ans: If a candidate does not report at the allotted institute in Round-1, this will be considered as ‘Free Exit’ (option available only in Round-1). However, candidates who have not joined (the Round- 1 allotted seat) by availing the free exit option may participate again in Round-2 after logging in with their earlier Registration details.


In case a candidate wants to ensure /retain his/her Round -1 seat and wants to upgrade his/her allotted seat, he/she should join Round-1 seat and give willingness for Up-gradation at the allotted college. However, if a candidate wants to participate directly in Round-2 without retaining the Round-1 seat he/she may not join the college and do choice filling for Round-2 since Round-1 has a free exit option. In the above-said case, the Round-1 seat of the candidate will be canceled and he/she cannot claim the Round-1 seat.

Please note that in case you are satisfied with the seat allotted to you in Round-1 and do not give willingness for up-gradation in Round-2 as ‘Yes’, you will not be considered eligible for participating in Round-2 i.e. for up-gradation of your choice.


Q. No. 4: What is the second round of online allotment process & who are eligible for the same?


  • Round-2 of online allotment process is up-gradation round wherein the candidates who have not registered initially during round-1 can register and participate for round-2.

  • Candidates who have joined Round-1 allotted seat can opt for up-gradation during Round- 2. And, candidates who were allotted Round-1 seat but did not join it, can also participate without fresh registration.


Therefore, the following categories of candidates are eligible for seat allotment in 2nd round:

Category–I: Registered candidates who participated in Round-2 but did not get any seat allotted in the 1st round.

Category-II: Registered candidates, whose 1st round of allotted seat got Cancelled during the document verification on reporting for admission, who have secured seat under reserved quota, due to change of Category from reserved to Unreserved or PwD status from Yes to No, but are still eligible in the next round of seat allotment, with changed Category, subject to fulfillment of eligibility conditions. Conversion algorithm is given below (*)

Category–III: Candidates who have reported/joined at allotted institute during the joining period of round-1 of allotment and submitted willingness for participating in second round up- gradation as ‘Yes’.

Category-IV: Candidates who exited during Round-1 availing Free Exit can log in again with their earlier Registered details.

Category-V: Candidates who did not register in Round-1 can do fresh registration and participate directly in Round-2.


(*) Conversion algorithm: The conversion of seats will be carried out during the second round of seat allotment for AIQ and Mop Up Round for Deemed and Central Universities/Institutes.

Accordingly, the candidates are required to keep this aspect also in mind while filling up the seats during choice filling period before allotment of Round-2 for All India Quota and Mop-up Round. The conversion of vacant reserved seats will be done as per the following algorithm:






ST (PwD)



SC (PwD)



UR (PwD)
















Minority/Jain Minority



Q. No. 5: Do I have to fill-up choices of subject and College to participate in second Round of allotment process separately?


Ans: Yes, for Round-2 and Mop Up round of Deemed/ Central Universities, candidates are required to submit fresh choices. During the second round of online allotment process, the choice of higher preference will be considered for up-gradation for those candidates who give option to upgrade their choice at the time of admission at allotted Medical/Dental College. During Round-2, fresh allotment will be considered for those eligible candidates who could not be allotted seat due to non- availability of seat in Round-1, (subject to availability of seat) and for candidates who have logged in again in Round-2 after Free Exit from Round- 1 .


Q. No. 6: If sufficient number of qualified PwD candidates are not available then, what will happen to those un-allotted PG seats, reserved for PwD candidates?

Ans: The un-allotted PG seats earmarked for UR-PwD, SC-PwD, ST-PwD and OBC- PwD will be reverted/converted to respective categories like SC-PwD to SC and so on Mop Up round of allotment process after processing choices to PwD category candidates in second round and Mop Up Round.


Q. No.7: If I give consent for up-gradation of my choice during Round-1 and if my choice is upgraded, is it necessary to join at college allotted during second round? Or in case I change my decision of upgrading choice, can I continue to study in college allotted through first round of allotment?

Ans: In case candidate is allotted seat during the Round-1 of allotment process and his choice is upgraded in Round-2, the seat allotted during the first round will be automatically cancelled immediately (and allotted to somebody else eligible as per merit) and candidate will have to join the college / seat allotted during second round. If candidate does not join the college/seat allotted during the second round, with in stipulated time, as per schedule, his/her Refundable Security Deposit will be forfeited. After joining the allotted institute in Round-2 the candidate will not be eligible to participate in any other round of counseling (For AIQ as well as Deemed/Central University counseling). The names of such candidates who have joined in Round-2 of AIQ / Deemed / Central Universities/DNB will be circulated to all state counseling authorities for prohibiting them to participate in any other counseling.


Seat can also be up-graded in the same college by change of category (i.e.   ST / SC / OBC to UR or PwD to non-PwD seat) in such a case the candidate has to take fresh admission on the up-graded seat.

Candidate who did not get any Up-gradation in Round-2 will continue to study in the same college.


Q. No. 8: If I give option to participate in ROUND-2 at the time of joining college from first round allotment, but later change my decision and want to continue study at already allotted Medical / Dental College of Round-1, what is the procedure to avoid change (cancellation) of already allotted college/seat?

Ans: In such a case candidate need not fill any fresh choices for Round-2 and the earlier seat will be retained.

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