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Author: Aditi Jain


Tab India understands the unique requirement for every candidate. We know there’s nothing like “one fit for all” while looking for medical admissions as each student has different requirements or conditions which need to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, it’s often seen that if a North Indian or a Delhite candidate got admission in any South Indian or East Indian state like Tamil Nadu or West Bengal then, they found it difficult to adjust themselves within their surroundings as they face a lot of language issues in their local interaction as South India’s native language is not Hindi or english so everyone doesn’t understand these languages. Therefore, keeping in view all needs and belongings of the candidate, we here provide a detailed pdf report of all possible chances of the aspirant through a process of profile screening. But, also after knowing all your chances it isn’t that easy as it seems to be because ultimately a student has to take admission in one medical college. Candidates generally fill out counseling forms of many states and further pay security fees of 2Lakh per state which is a healthy amount undoubtedly. Further, as we all know there is  no free exit in all states so eventually a lot of money goes to waste and also this makes students block seats for other students due to incomplete information. Hence, to avoid seat blocking and save money of aspirants and their family, we here provide a personal counselor for candidates in order to secure your desired medical seat with a proper structured planning. 


  •   For your ease, TAB INDIA also provides:-  

      Neet College Predictor:- predicts your chances in medical colleges based on your last year cutoffs


     Choice Filling Assistance -  provides detail of all colleges in respective states along with various filters where you will find all the details in a chronological order.



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